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How to Pawn Your Goods

A pawnbroker offers small loans to people in exchange for any valuable personal item as collateral. What is pawned for the money is often referred to as a pledge. A number of valuables can be used as pledges, including gold, watches, jewelry, musical instruments, computers and home electronics, among others. A pawnbroker often charges a small amount as interest along with the amount borrowed. If the borrower is somehow unable to return the money within the specified amount of time, the item will be sold off at the pawn shop to any interested customer. Pawnbrokers also accept the sale of articles for cash and not just as collateral.

4 Steps to Pawn Your Item


1. Bring in for evaluation 

agreement form

2. Draw up an agreement


3. 30 days to get back (can be extended on request)

giving items back

4. Get your items back


Quick Facts

Pawn terms are 30 days

You can renew for an additional 30 days

No upfront cost of fees

Fees and interest paid on pick up

We loan on luxury goods

We never deal in replica or counterfeit items

Cash or cheque within minutes

Free parking behind the building

Need ID

If you do not pick up your item, it will be placed out for sale after the due date.

Have More Questions?

We are always ready to answer your queries.

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