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Sell Collectables in Calgary at Great Prices

Rare art and collectables often turn up in the most unexpected places. You never know what treasures might be hidden in your home. At Prestige Pawnbrokers, we deal in the sale and purchase of antiques, collectables, and other artworks. With us, you can sell your artefacts at profitable rates and make some good money off your antiques and artworks. Not only will they fetch a reasonable price, but your items will also end up in a place where they are truly treasured. Contact us to sell collectables in Calgary at great prices.


A lot of memorabilia are passed down in families from one generation to the next. Collectors are frequently on the lookout for more items they can add to their collections. We deal with a wide range of collectables including, coins, bills, currency, stamps, gold or silver bars and memorabilia. If you have any sports memorabilia, autographed posters and photographs, figurines, or board games, get them over to Prestige Pawnbrokers, where they can fetch you a hefty sum.


At Prestige Pawnbrokers, we know good artwork when we see one. We always have a ready stock of beautiful artworks that we have collected from different people. If you have a painting you are trying to sell, call us to find how much it could be worth. We will help you get a higher value for your artefacts than other dealers in town. 

We Will Find You the Right Price for Your Art

With a thorough valuation by our art experts, your artworks and antiques could fetch you much more than you think.

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