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Sell Gold in Calgary With Prestige Pawnbrokers

Many people rely on gold as a safe and secure way to invest their money. Its malleable nature and bright colour have made it ideal for creating jewelry and statement pieces. If you are looking for a reliable partner to buy and sell gold in Calgary or borrow a short term loan in exchange for gold, look no further than Prestige Pawnbrokers. We are a trusted pawn shop in Calgary with years of experience serving the community. In addition to other services we offer we also do in store repairs! With our help, you can get the right amount for your valuables with minimal hassles.


We offer cash for gold, diamonds, and jewelry at competitive prices with a higher value for your items. When you approach us for a loan on gold and jewelry, we conduct a small test to ensure the quality of the metal. We accept gold in all forms, including jewelry, bullion, coins, and bars.



If you have some unwanted or out of date jewelry pieces in your possession, you can make a fair amount of cash out of them with us. We offer the best prices on your jewelry after a thorough evaluation that considers the make and design. We also offer in-store jewelry repairs in Calgary and can provide precision service at affordable rates.


We also do jewlery and gold repair and sizing for rings! 



Your old watch might have much more value than you think, and we are ready to buy it no matter what brand it may be. Only with Prestige Pawnbrokers can you be assured of getting the best rate for your watch. Visit our store to discover popular brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier, Hublot and many more.


Need Help With Pawning? Call Us Right Away!

Our staff are always available to help you through the process of pawning or selling your valuables to us.

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