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Reliable Pawn Shop to Sell Electronics in Calgary

We all have old electronic devices like phones in our homes that are merely gathering dust. Unknown to many, these have immense economic value and are the best way to make some quick cash. When buying electronics, we have a lot of specifications to look out for. At Prestige Pawnbrokers, we deal in both the sale and purchase of electronics at the best prices. We take great care to ensure that all the devices we offer are in excellent condition and as good as new. If you want to sell electronics in Calgary and make some quick money, head to our shop with an old phone or TV, and we will get you the best price you can get.


We have a vast collection of electronic devices such as TV sets, monitors, cameras, flatscreens, DVD players, speakers, video games, and Blu-ray players that you can purchase from us at unbelievable prices. Our shop houses both brand new and second-hand electronic devices in perfect conditions and ready for use. Some of the brands you can find include Sony, Apple, Dell, LG, Panasonic, Phillips, Toshiba, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox and more.


At Prestige Pawnbrokers, we have a phone for every need. If you need to sell your old phone and buy a new one with a more updated version, we will buy them from you at prices closest to the phones' original value. We also have several options if you are looking to buy a second-hand phone in good condition. If your phone is not working properly, visit our store today. We provide in-store phone diagnosis and standard repairs for a variety of make and models. Also, you can get gadgets from several leading brands including, Apple (iPhone & iPad), Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Motorola and more.



You will get the maximum value for your old laptops, CPUs, and desktop computers at our shop. We only accept computers that are in good working condition and well maintained. We have a keen eye for detail and ensure that all our store products are working to their optimum level. At Prestige Pawnbrokers, you can find computers from many well-known brands including, MacBook / Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HJP, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Toshiba and more.


Video Game Consoles

Think a pawn shop is no place to look for video game consoles? Think again! From an old Atari video game console to the latest Xbox or PS4 console, we can buy and sell both at unbeatable rates. Our team at Prestige Pawnbrokers is full of video game enthusiasts who are very passionate and knowledgeable about game consoles of all kinds. Visit our store to find consoles from leading brands including PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox.

 Make Money Off Your Old Devices

With Prestige Pawnbrokers, you can get high prices for your old electronics and devices. Reach out to us to know more.

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