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Sell Used Sport Equipments & Power Tools in Calgary Without Any Hassle

At Prestige Pawnbrokers, we are always on the lookout for good quality power tools for purchase since many of our customers come asking for used tools that are in reliable condition. Bring us your power tools and sporting goods, and we will offer the best price that is closest to their original value. Our professional staff will examine your devices to determine their condition and arrive at a profitable price for you to sell used power tools in Calgary. Once the price is decided, we can give you full cash for products instantly. We can offer you a great deal for your used tools and turn them into quick cash.


A lot of sporting goods have found a new life with a little help from our side. We are always ready to acquire sporting goods because of the enthusiastic response we have received from our customers. Hunting gear such as archery bows and arrows, scopes, hunting clothing, equipment and accessories, fishing poles, scaling equipment, hiking gear, and geology equipment are some of the sporting goods we look out for.

Power Tools

Power tools last a long time even though they may not be constantly used. If you have any power tools that have gone out of use, trade them with us for some quick cash. You can even trade in old tools and use the money to upgrade to newer ones. We are open to purchasing power tools such as drills, jackhammers, saws, mowers and planers, along with hand tools such as wrenches, pliers, hammers and knives. At Prestige Pawnbrokers, you can find power tools of many popular brands including DeWalt, Stanley, Black + Decker, Craftsman, MAC Tools, Milwaukee and more.


Sell Your Power Tools at a Fair Price

Power tools hardly lose value over the years. If your tools are in good condition, bring them over to Prestige Pawnbrokers where they will fetch you a good sum of money.

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