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Trusted Dealer for Musical Instruments in Calgary

Almost every home has a musical instrument that is out of use. Some were gifts that were never opened; others were bought passionately and then ignored. Whether it belonged to your parents or siblings, or you have given up the interest in learning it, now is an excellent time to make some money out of it. When you approach us to sell your musical instruments in Calgary, we conduct a thorough examination to ensure that it is in good condition. We do not accept instruments with broken strings, missing keys, and other such mishaps. You can sell your old instruments at our store profitably and get the maximum price for them.

Musical Instruments

We accept all kinds of musical instruments as long as they are in good working condition. Our regular purchases include guitars, violins, drums, cellos, saxophones and flutes. We deal with string instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments and percussion instruments of all kinds. Once you approach us to buy or sell an instrument, we will have it thoroughly looked over by a specialist before the deal is closed. This way, we can assure the quality of our goods.

Image of guitars and other musical instruments on display

Find Rare Musical Instruments Here

We maintain a collection of musical instruments that are rich in variety. With us, you can find some of the rarest instruments and other items at fair prices.

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